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Telli Turnalar | Gitme Turnam Gitme (Turnalar Semahı)

Eléonore Fourniau : voice, saz
Cangül Kanat : voice, saz
Petra Nachtmanova : voice, saz
Gülay Hacer Toruk : voice, bendir

Telli Turnalar – Gitme Turnam Gitme (Turnalar Semahı)
Spiritual Alevi song in Turkish. Nagaur, India (Hindistan), 02.2019

The semah performed during the service (cem) as required by Alevi and Bektaşi belief is a means of reaching God through mystical and aesthetic movements executed by women and men together in harmony with the rhythm of music and song accompanied by a Saz. The semah consists of three primary segments: ağırlama, yürütme and yeldirme, that goes faster and faster.